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Hello, little bird

Horacek, Petr
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  • ISBN 9781406325089
  • Age 0-3
  • Language English
  • Format Board book
  • Publisher Walker Books
  • Illustrator Petr Horacek
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Pecking, tugging and flying quick quick quick – where could this little bird be off to in such a hurry? To feed her chicks of course! Cleverly placed cut-outs on each page provide a fun element in this innovative new novelty treat.

Petr Horacek was born 1967 in Prague; He studied at the High School of Art and at the Academy of Fine Art in Prague. In 1994 he got his Master of Fine Art degree and moved to England permanently. When he became a dad he created his first book. Walker Books published ‘Strawberries are Red’ and ‘What is Black and White’ in 2001 and he received the Books For Children ‘Newcomer 2001’ award.

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