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Wisniewski, David
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  • ISBN 9780618894246
  • Subcategory History, Geography & Politics, Religion & Philosophy, Historical Fiction & Biography
  • Age 6-9
  • Year 1996
  • Publisher Clarionbooks
  • Format Paperback
  • Language English
  • No. of pages 32
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From the shimmeringly powerful hand of God to the life-giving hands of the rabbi and on through the murderously destructive hands of the Golem, the universal themes of power and redemption are reflected. Created to protect Jews in 16th-century Prague, this soulless clay giant comes to find that life is precious. Intricate paper-cuts provide breathless detail to each double-page spread.

„Wisniewski's po­werful visual interpretation of this emotionally compelling tale is rendered in a medium that reflects the duality of creation and destruction–coming together only to come apart. The power and fragility of Wisniewski's medium arereflected in the power and mortality of the rabbi's Golem.“ –1997 Caldecott Committee Chair Linda Ward Callaghan