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Horacek, Petr
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  • ISBN 9781406324419
  • Subcategory Picture Books
  • Age 6-9, 3-6
  • Format Paperback
  • Language English
  • Publisher Walker Books
  • Year 2009
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Imaginary friends come in all shapes and sizes, but an elephant provides scope for great games and a wonderful excuse for large-scale mess!

Horáček pictures a small boy at his grandparents' house, without a playmate. His grandparents are too busy to play with him, so he imagines an elephant with whom he can play football and then take into the house.

Unfortunately, in the process flowerbeds get trampled, floors dirtied, and newly-baked cakes disappear. Blaming his elephant, he is challenged over his truthfulness and the boy sulks, but then he discovers a wider world of imaginary games and a reassuring
resolution when granddad finishes his gardening. Horáček's illus­trations vividly supplement this many-layered story of a lonely child who finds solace in an imaginary world.

Illustrated with Petr Horacek's dis­tinctive and beautiful collage style.

About the author:

  • I grew up in Prague in the Czech Republic. Just outside our flat there was a wood where I spent lots of time playing with friends. We would climb on piles of soil or build bunkers from forgotten builder's mate­rials. I always wanted to be an illustrator, but I preferred to look at the pictures inside the books rather than to read them. I would listen to the story or watch a film and then fill up my sketchbook with pictures and images from the story. I started to read books quite late, but I haven't stopped since.

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