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Books' selection 'Ecole des Loisirs' 2017-18

8 great books during the school year !


Since 1981,the French publishing house ‘Ecole des Loisirs’ offers a very popular subscription system giving your children the possibility to receive one book each month duringthe school year; a total of 8 books from November to June distributed directly into the class rooms of the French Lycéeum of Prague.
Contact us if your child / children attend another school; we can set up further point of distribution.

The books can be picture books, novels, fiction or graphic novels and are selected from the catalogueof ‘Ecole des Loisirs’. There are several collections according to the children’s age.
The details of this year selection is availbale here:

If you are interested, simply fill in the subscription form below, choosing the appropriate collection for your child and send it back to us by email to .
We will provide you with an invoice for payment by bank transfer.
We will also be present in front of the French Lyceum on Monday October 16th and Tuesday October 17th between 8 and 9 am and between 3 and 4 pm.

Subscription form

The mentioned prices include a 25% discount on shipping costs for group order.